Salad of canons, duck ham and pickled partridge, easy, quick and nutritious recipe

In the hot months, they help us to eat a light and refreshing diet, as with this salad of canons, duck ham, and pickled partridge.

If we add some meat to our salads, either in the form of ham, as in this case, or white meat such as chicken, or partridge, we are completing with protein an entree that becomes a very complete first dish.


For 2 persons

  • Canons125 g
  • 10 duck ham
  • Pickled partridge175 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Modena Vinegar300 ml
  • Brown sugar80 g

How to make canon salad, duck ham, and pickled partridge

Difficulty: Easy

  • Total time35 m
  • Elaboration15 m
  • 20 m cooking

We wash and drain the canons. Place the duck ham on a plate to temper. To make the reduction, in a saucepan we pour 300 ml of Modena vinegar and 80 of brown sugar. We put on medium heat and leave about 20 minutes, stirring continuously, until we see that the consistency is thicker. We must bear in mind that once cold it will take more body.

In a salad bowl, we put a bed of canons. On top, we will distribute the slices of duck ham and in the center the pickled partridge crumbs. Dress with salt, the reduction of Modena and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

With what to accompany the salad of canons, duck ham, and pickled partridge

Although this time I accompany the salad of canons, duck ham and pickled partridge with a reduction of Modena, you can also use Pedro Ximénez to make the reduction. Both are perfect to contrast with the taste of ham and pickled acid.

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