The five most original gazpachos to take to work (while time still allows)

But while we wait for the arrival of the first cold, this time is perfect to enjoy fresh dishes without having to endure the high temperatures of midsummer, also to take to work.

We have not tired of resorting to our blessed trio of more traditional cold soups, but the time has come to give those other recipes a chance that we have been left on the road. The most original variants of gazpacho are ideal to carry in a tupper and extend the summer spirit to the office, a healthy and simple way to eat well as long as time permits.

Gazpachos and cold soups to take away

The elaboration of this type of soups and creams does not differ much from the more traditional gazpacho or salmorejo. We can adapt our favorite recipe to the indicated ingredients, without fear of playing a bit of improvising on the fly.

It is a practical idea to prepare a good amount during the weekend to have ready-made rations available to take to work the following days. Or even to take them at dinner when they get home after work or classes when they don’t feel like cooking.

Although it is not so hot anymore we have to continue respecting the cold chain and the minimum and safe storage conditions. That is why you have to check the toppers and other containers that we have at home, checking that they are in good condition and renewing those that need it.

A good idea, if we do not have a refrigerator at work, is to invest in a thermal model, with adequate insulation and cold storage blocks. And the great advantage that these gazpachos have is that we do not depend on microwaves to eat, we can also enrich them with the garnish that we want at the moment, taking it apart.

1. Beet gazpacho

  • Ingredients for 2 people . 2 cooked beets, 80 g of extra virgin olive oil, 10 g of sherry vinegar or to taste, 200 ml of water, 1 clove of garlic, 40 g of fresh or taste ginger and salt.
  • Development. Chop the beets carefully – they stain a lot – and place them in the glass of a blender or kitchen robot. Peel the garlic clove and add it. We do the same with vinegar and water, which we pour into the blender glass. We peel the ginger and chop it. We add it to the previous ingredients and season. We beat at maximum power for the time necessary for the ingredients to be well mixed. We pour the oil, mix at low speed and serve immediately or refrigerate.

2. Cucumber and basil gazpacho

  • Ingredients for 4 people . 4 small cucumbers, 120 g of cured Manchego cheese, 1 clove of garlic, 50 g of peeled raw almonds, a little fresh basil on the branch, 250 ml of water, 60 ml of extra virgin olive oil and salt.
  • Development. Wash the cucumbers, remove the ends, scratch the skin with a fork cutter a part of it with a sharp knife and chop. Remove the crust of the Manchego cheese and grate the cheese with a grater. Wash the basil leaves to taste and dry them with absorbent paper. Peel the garlic clove. In the glass of a blender, we place the cucumber, the cheese, the basil, the clove of garlic and the almond. We crush at maximum speed for the time necessary to get a puree. We add the water and crush again, adjusting the amount. We incorporate the extra virgin olive oil and beat, again, at maximum speed for about two or three minutes until the mixture is emulsified. Season and refrigerate.

3. Zucchini Gazpacho

  • Ingredients for 4 people . 4 medium zucchini, 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cucumber, 1 clove of garlic, 3 slices of bread without crust, 2 basil leaves, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, two hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes for the garnish.
  • Development . Soak the bread with a little vinegar. We wash the zucchini well and chop it. We put it in the blender glass with pepper, onion, cucumber, garlic clove, and basil leaves. Add the bread and beat until you have a fine cream. We take a splash of oil and a little salt, beat and test to rectify vinegar, oil or salt until it is to our liking. We store in the refrigerator so that it is very cold at the time of eating. To serve it, we chop the hard-boiled eggs and cut the tomatoes into thin slices, we can also add a little more oil.

4. Mango gazpacho

  • Ingredients for 2 people . 1 ripe mango, 20 g of onion, 35 g of yellow pepper, 15 g of cucumber, 1/2 clove of garlic, 50 g of vegetable stock or water, 15 g of apple cider vinegar, 20 g of virgin olive oil Extra, ground white pepper, salt and 100 g of Greek yogurt.
  • Development. We cut the mango into dice discarding the bone and the skin. We clean and chop all the vegetables and put them in the glass of a blender along with the mango, the broth, the vinegar, the yogurt, a little pepper and salt. Crush until no pieces are seen. Add the oil and beat again at maximum power for a couple of minutes until emulsified. If we want a fine texture, we pass the mixture through a strainer and go.

5. Carrot gazpacho

  • Ingredients for 4 people . 1 kg of ripe tomatoes, 1/2 clove of garlic, 2 carrots, 1 medium green pepper, 1/2 purple onion, 2 slices of hard bread, 50 ml of water, 15 ml of white wine vinegar, salt and 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Development . Wash the tomatoes, remove the peduncle and cut into quarters. Peel the carrots and chop them. We wash the pepper, remove the peduncle, the seeds and chop. Peel the half onion and chop into four. Peel the garlic clove. In a glass blender or kitchen robot, we crush the tomato, carrot, pepper, onion, garlic clove and water. Add the bread and crush again. We check the thickness and adjust if we consider it necessary. Add the vinegar and season while crushing. Finally, we incorporate the oil and beat a couple of minutes to emulsify.

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