Zucchini gazpacho. Recipe

Apart from being very rich and refreshing, they are a great contribution of vitamins and also, if we do not want to limit ourselves to the classic tomato we have a lot of variants to not get bored, such as this great zucchini gazpacho.

The quantities of the ingredients are rather indicative because they depend on the taste of each one. It is best to start from the base amount of zucchini and add a small amount of the other ingredients and try and increase its quantity as we like it more or less strong.

Ingredients for 4 people

4 medium zucchini, half green pepper, half onion, half cucumber, a clove of garlic, three slices of bread without the crust, 2 basil leaves, vinegar, EVOO, salt, two hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes for the garnish.

How to make zucchini gazpacho

Soak the bread with a little vinegar. We wash the zucchini well and chop it without peeling it. We put it in the blender glass with pepper, onion, cucumber, garlic clove and basil leaves. Add the bread and beat until you have a very fine cream.

We take a splash of oil and a little salt, beat and test to rectify vinegar, oil or salt until it is to our liking. We store in the refrigerator so that it is very cold at the time of eating. To serve it, we chop the hard-boiled eggs and cut the tomatoes into thin slices and put a little of both in the bowls with the gazpacho, finally we water it with a thin trickle of oil.

Preparation time | 15 minutes

Difficulty | Easy


This zucchini gazpacho is an ideal starter for summer meals. It is important to eat it very fresh if necessary do not hesitate to add an ice cube to serve it.

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